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Roman recipes

Salt cod (Baccalà) big ravioli in chickpea sauce


For the big ravioli:
A pasta made of 4 eggs
150 grams dried salt-cured cod
100 grams potatoes
70 grams onion
One egg yolk
Extra virgin olive oil
For the chickpea:
One celery, one carrot, one onion
100 grams soaked and washed chickpeas
50 grams pecorino
4 rosemary sprigs

For the stuffed: slightly fry onion, baccala’ and potatoes previously boiled cut in cubes, with olive oil, without salting.

Cool the preparation. Roll out a thin egg pasta and take with a spoon a bit of stuffing to make ravioli, brush their edge using a pastry brush and close. Refrigerate for few hours.

For the chickpea: wash and soak chickpeas for one day. Fry in a crock pot celery, carrot, onion and chickpeas, cover with water and cook until the chickpeas start shelling. Blend everything together until you get a cream. Cook the big ravioli in boiling water; when they come to the surface, drain them well and cook in the pan with the chickpea, serve with a pecorino pinch, few delicate oil and rosemary.