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Roman recipes

Water melon and absenthium sorbet


2 kg watermelon pulp
½ glass of absinthe (70/80°)
2 lemons
100 gr. sugar
½ glass of water

The idea came from the fact that water-melons are never cold enough and that absinthe needs to be diluted in water and sugar. Hence the watermelon sorbet, which is nothing but sugar and water. Absinthe is a perfect match and its alcohol grade prevents the sorbet from turning into ice. Pass the watermelon pulp through a Chinese sieve to get the juice. Mix the absinthe with the lemon juice; prepare a sugar and water syrup on the flame. When it is cold add the lemon juice to it. Put in the ice-cream maker for 20 minutes or in the freezer, and stir every now and then. The sorbet may be served with a leaf of Roman mint.