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Roman recipes

Mutton stew with Cesanese wine and semolina


For the stew:
1 kg mutton of Carpineto Romano
1 litre Cesanese del Piglio wine
celery, carrot and onion
bay leaves, rosemary and sage
2 cloves
Black pepper in grains
For the semolina pudding:
250 ml milk
125 gr. semolina
20 gr. butter
1 egg-yolk
50 gr. parmesan cheese

For the mutton stew: marinate the mutton with the Cesanese wine, the carrots, the onion, the bay leaves, the cloves, the pepper, the rosemary and the sage for 24 hours, then remove the wine (keeping it). Sauté the mutton for 30 minutes, then add the wine that had been set aside and continue to cook for 2 hours on a low flame, or until the meat becomes soft.
For the semolina: Heat the milk and when it boils pour in the semolina and stir with a wooden spoon for 15 minutes. Add the butter, the yolk, the parmesan cheese, mix carefully and then pour the mixture on an oiled marble top, cover with a wet cloth towel and with a rolling pin roll out until the layer is 1 cm thick. When cold, cut out round pieces with a glass. Quickly scorch the semolina discs on the hob and put on the serving plate with the marinated aromatic herbs.

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