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Roman recipes

Pasta rags with vegetable Carbonara of courgette flowers, ricotta and saffron


Olive oil
5 Roman courgettes
50 grams lard
4 onions
12 zucchini flowers
3 sheep ricotta table spoons
Salt and pepper
Chilli pepper
One glass of white “Romanella” wine
2 fresh Pecorino table spoons

For the “rags”: roll out the pastry as you wish (egg pasta; wholemeal or only water and flour); once you get your favourite thickness “tear” it with your hands and dry it for few minutes. For the carbonara: fry slightly in oil the lard with a bit of chilli pepper, add onion, then add three zucchini in cubes. Brown and next add sparkling wine, let it evaporate, salt and black pepper. Boil two zucchini in cubes in salt water; when courgettes are almost cooked add the zucchini flowers (peeled from the internal pistil and from the hard leaves). Boil for two minutes; drain leaving a bit of water, add ricotta cheese, blend everything and salt. Put together the two sauces, mix them on the fire and leave the mixture to rest, keeping it away from the fire, add pecorino and saffron.

Cook the “rags” and season with this sauce, mixing it well at a moderate heat. Serve in the plate, putting an opened zucchini flower on the top and ground black pepper.