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Roman recipes

Fiumicino, Rocca di Papa and Frascati tagliolini


Extra virgin olive oil
8 shrimps
4 Rocca di Papa “porcini” mushrooms
50 grams smoked Frascati lard
50 grams tomatoes
One glass of wine
Chilli peppers
Salt and black pepper
Fresh basil
400 grams egg tagliolini

Slightly fry into an aluminium pan three chopped garlic cloves and chilli pepper, add lard and dry for one minute, then add mushrooms cut into gills and heads of shrimps in cubes. Salt and pepper, brown for two minutes and sprinkle with half glass of wine, finally add tomatoes and heat.

When the sauce has reduced, take out shrimps heads and rest, keeping the sauce away from the fire. Cook “tagliolini” pasta in lightly salted water. Drain tagliolini “al dente”, add a bit of cooking water to the sauce to liven up the sauce. Mix the pasta on the fire. Serve decorating with basil leaves. People keen about Pecorino can dust it a bit on the tagliolini.