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Roman recipes

Zuppa inglese (Italian trifle) since 1922


300 gr sponge cake
glass of Alkermes watered down
one glass Maraschino liqueur watered down
250 gr sugar
6 egg yolks
1 vanilla stick

Put in a casserole milk, a vanilla stick opened with a longitudinal cut and boil. Beat vigorously in a bowl egg yolks with sugar. Add flour and slowly milk just boiled, little by little, to prevent the formation of lamps. Put again on the fire, mixing with a whisk, until the first boiling; transfer in a suitable food container (steel, glass). Cool, dusting with granulated sugar on the surface to avoid the pellicle. Cool at room temperature, then in the fridge. Cut the sponge cake in slices 1 cm high and cover the platter. Wet the first layer of the cake with half of Maraschino liqueur, cover with custard. Form the second layer that you will wet with all the Alkermes, cover with custard and a thin layer of cherries jam. Finish with the last layer of the sponge cake wet with Maraschino, give the shape of a dome with your hands. Cover and decorate with the last layer of custard.