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Casale dei Girasoli


This Farm is on the La Via Aurelia

In this corner of the Roman countryside, in the heart of the archeological area of Monteroni, few kilometers far from the sea, we find the Casale dei Girasoli: a family farm completely renewed. The love for the country of the Gennaretti’s family gave life to this farm house which has been the first in this area, very close to Rome.

Opened in 2004 it represents a tribute to the summer flower: the sunflower. In the farm the artichokes are grown and horses, geese, hens, rabbits, miniature goats and peacocks are bred. The ancient stable, where milk and cheese are produced, is now the dinner area. The female cook is Maria Antonietta together with her son Filippo, an expert connoisseur, the grill instead is the Vincenzo’s reign, the other Antonietta’s son.

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The characteristic of the farm house is the homely but sophisticated cuisine. During spring, the artichokes time for harvesting, the first and second courses are all prepared with this precious vegetables. In the farm house are organized also thème soirées.


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