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Holidays Farm

Gli Ulivi


This Farm is on the La Via Aurelia

The farm house is extended on 13 hectares of the Cerveteri’s countryside, one kilometer only far from the Ceri’s fortress. It offers hosting in the apartments surrounded by an English luxuriant lawn,  fruit and olive trees. In the shop are available wine and other farm products. The stay is unique thanks to the wide sightseeing of the landscape: in the clear days it is possible to see the sea, the Ceri’s fortress and the lights of Rome.
The Allevi’s family worked in the farming field for a long time. The farm house has been opened in 2002 where  Fabrizio takes care to hosting and farming.

3 small apartments
The small apartments have a private entrance in a living area with a corner kitchen and a comfortable sofa. The room are simple and comfortable equipped.

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