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Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil is an important agronomic resource for Lazio. Alongside the Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino cultivars, typical of Central Italy and widely spread throughout the region, there are many other local or native ones, that, on the other hand, tend to connote the oil in a more accentuated way, depending on the area of ​​origin. Starting from the Viterbo province, Canino and Maurino cultivars are certainly worth mentioning. The extra virgin olive oil produced in this area is characterised by a very low acidity, medium fruitiness with hints of artichokes, and is generally bitter and spicy. In Sabina and in the Northern part of the province of Rome, there are Carboncella, Moraiolo, Salviana, Raja, Olivastrone, Olivago and Rosciola; the oil is characterised by a low acidity, medium fruitiness with hints of wild thistles and artichokes, and strong bitter and spicy notes. The Sirole cultivar, typical of the Soratte area, deserves a separate mention since its oil is characterised by a light fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. The main cultivar in the Frosinone province is Marina, whose oil is characterised by an intense fruitiness with hints of cut grass and green tomatoes, mildly bitter and spicy. The province of Latina has a very important dual-purpose cultivar: Itrana. In fact, in addition to an oil characterised by an intense fruitiness with hints of green tomatoes and balsamic notes, from this cultivar the Gaeta Olives PDO are also produced. Minutella and Vallanella varieties are also present, but produced in very limited quantities.

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