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Holidays Farm

Il Borgo dell’Aschetto


This Farm is on the La Via Aurelia

The farm is located just a few miles from Rome, near both the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and the sea. It has a restaurant that brings the products of the farm to the table. The apartments have been created with simple materials typical of the place such as tufa and wood, and there are plenty of guest amenities: a swimming pool, guided tours and a sales outlet.
The farm springs from the Grassetti agribusiness’s love of the land. It takes its name from the area once known to the locals as the “Quarto dell’Aschetto” (Wooded Quarter), referring to an ancient sacred forest said to have been located in this area.

8 apartaments sleeping a total of 24
The apartments have been renovated using local materials such as tufa, stone and wood

open only on weekends
indoor and outdoor dining areas seating a total of 80 people
The dishes served at the restaurant are prepared exclusively from products of the family farm, such as wine, oil, vegetables and fruit. The food is simple and home made.


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