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Holidays Farm

San Clemente


This Farm is on the La Via Tiburtina

Set in the Tivoli region, close to the town of San Gregorio di Sassola, this agriturismo offers a restaurant with simple but tasty dishes. Biological farm products such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, olive paté, pickled olives, honey and spelt (a hard kind of wheat). According to the season, visits to the educational farm are organised such as: the “Oil Day” or the “Feast of Corn”.

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The pride of the farm is definitely the food. In the 300 square meters of dining space, divided into several rooms, guests can enjoy dishes from  well-known ancient peasant culinary traditions. These are simple and tasty recipes in which the focus is on farm products: extra virgin olive oil, first of all, but also pasta, barley, high-quality honey and farm-produced meat


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