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From Lanuvio to Lake Nemi


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Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Appia

This itinerary starts in Lanuvio and crosses through some of the most beautiful parts of the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani (regional park), offering mysteriously fascinating views from the hilltops which give on to Lake Nemi. It crosses through the town of Nemi which, thanks to its off-the-beaten-track position (compared to busier roads), still preserves its old town atmosphere, and then reaches Marino, by taking via dei Laghi and passing by the Abbey of Palazzuolo.
Take the strada provinciale (by road) just outside Lanuvio station and, after a gentle slope, enter the town of Lanuvio: turn right for the old part of the town. Once you have passed through the modern area, you will discover that the heart of the town still preserves its medieval appearance. The Collegiata dell’Assunta (collegiate church) is interesting for its many important works of religious art. Exit the town at the other end, and continue straight on after the fountain, crossing the public gardens which have a belvedere offering a wonderful view down to the sea. Leave the gardens behind you and reach the Appia Antica (Old Appian Way) which on the left leads to Genzano, where it joins the Appia Nuova again. From the main square in Genzano, dominated by the Baroque fountain, take the steep road to the right which leads to the next square
From here the road to the right descends rapidly and dives into the woods, offering frequent magnificent views of the lake. Pass by the Museo delle Navi (Museum of the Roman Ships) and border the lake until you find the road signs for Nemi. The road is uphill and, before entering the town, it opens on to a hanging garden with a pleasant view of the lake. In the heart of the town there is a castle built by the counts of Tuscolo, which is easily identifiable thanks to its cylindrical tower. The old town lies around this building, which was later turned into the Palazzo Baronale Ruspoli.
Exit Nemi and take via dei Laghi (on Sundays this is often busy) and follow it to Marino, in order to reach the station for your return journey. We recommend that you stop off at the Abbey of Palazzolo which has a wonderful terrace giving onto the picturesque Lake Albano.

By train: Outward journey:Roma Termini -Velletri line (get off at Lanuvio)
Return: Albano-Roma line (from Marino station to Roma Termini)
By bicycle: Length: about 35 km
Difficulty: average, some steep hills

Sede del Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani: phone 06/9495253
R. Pugliesi, Lazio. Treni & bici. Il Lazio Meridionale, Padova 2000.

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