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Tolfa Mountain: from Tolfa to Monte Tolfaccia



5 hours

Marked itinerary




This walk is part ofthe area: La Via Aurelia

In the midst of a thick wood scattered with towers, ruins and Roman and medieval buildings, this 5-hour itinerary has a medium degree of difficulty and used to be a stretch of the alternative road to the Via Francigena, which led from Siena to Rome.

The gentle climb to the pointed monte Tolfaccia (579 metres above sea level) crosses a thick forest, rich in the many types of flowers which mark out the Tolfetan underwood, such as the 30 different species of wild orchids. The landscape also offers wonderful views which stretch right down to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The route starts in Tolfa, in via del Bagno but, unfortunately, it is not marked.

Once you reach via del Bagno you will see a fountain which marks the end of the town: at the fork in the road take the road to the right, which is paved and goes downhill until it reaches the Fosso di Santa Lucia (ditch). The path crosses, with a flyover, the Strada Provinciale (by-road) Tolfa-Santa Severa, and climbs up towards Poggio della Selva. It follows a small wall and then drops down towards a stream and the Fosso Caldano. The path dives into a thick wood: follow the paved stretch until you cross the asphalt road coming from Allumiere. You will then reach the Fontanaccia fountain, where a road sign indicates the uphill path to the monte Tolfaccia which, apart from the difference in height, is not particularly difficult to climb.
Close to the fountain you will see the remains of a Roman villa – among these wild hills it is easy to find signs of ancient urbanisation. At the top of the monte Tolfaccia some ruins of medieval towers and domestic buildings can be seen: this is all that remains of the ruins of the city of Tolfa Nuova, built in the 9th century A.D. and then abandoned. To return to your starting point, simply retrace your steps.

Access to this path in Tolfa, from via del Bagno

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