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Lepini Mountains


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Lepini Mountains, such as the Prenestini ones, are not a protected area. Nevertheless, they appear really interesting to visitors looking for green and silence. Western Apennines expression, of calcareous, mountains present poor surface water circulation and abundant underground circulation that allows the life of many springs and flashy Karst (such as caves and gorges).

Vegetation is the Apennines one, but the influence of the sea, not very distant, creates very different natural environment: northern and eastern slopes are covered by maple woods, elms and oaks; the southern and western slopes are covered by beech trees, mastic, heather and arbutus.

Obviously, at altitudes of 400/700 meters, there is the chestnut as well. Wild cat, fox, marten and beech marten are the most visible animals; more difficult is spotting golden eagles, kite and birds of prey. Natural excursions can lead the visitor either to Segni, on the top of Lupone Mountain (1378 meters) or from Carpineto Romano village you can get Semprevisa Mountain, the highest peak of Lepini. This way you can view all the Sacco Valley, until you reach the Pontine plain and, with a bit of luck, even the far Vesuvius.

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