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Caldara of Manziana Natural Monument


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Claudia Braccianese

The Natural Monument, inside the Natural Park of Bracciano -Martignano Lakes, returns the image of a lush that at the beginning extended from Sabatini to Tolfa Mountains. Centuries old trees dominate the rolling hills: famous is the one of Calvario Mountain (541 meters), the heritage of the same name stands on the top. Right near the mountain you can observe an unexpected show: from the ground emerge sulfur springs of gas and water, flowing at a 20 degrees temperature. That is the Caldara Natural Monument. Its crater morphology is connected to the ancient Sabatino Vulcan activity. Into the depression you can observe whitish sulfur mud. Their impermeability irregularly conveys water. The vegetation that surrounding Caldara is mainly made of Maquis and Oak trees. An exception is a birch forest, a Northern species that usually prefers low temperatures, then it is stranger to these territories. In spring there are expanses of yellow-colored brooms on the clearing. Moreover, marshes inside the Caldara Natural Monument are home of few insects, such as the “water scorpion”; they attract many birds, for example the grey heron. Manziana and Caldara were already known by Etruscan and Roman, as proved by the route retrieval of the ancient Clodia consular Road, near the forest. Sulfurous emanations suggested to Etruscan people the image of an infernal landscape. In fact they believed that the god of the underworld (Mania) used to live there. That is the reason of Manziana place name.

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