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Natural Regional Park of Veio


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The Regional Park of Veio has been created in 1997 and includes the wide territory, known as Agro Veiente. In the Park, as well as it often happens in the territory surrounding Rome, live historical evidences and beautiful landscapes. Walking through the Park, it is possible to discover waterfalls, woods and grazing meadows, a necropolis or you can run across tuff tunnels dug by the Etruscan. The landscape is characterized by a great variety: soft hills alternate to sudden slopes, cliffs in lowland areas. The articulated morphology of this territory is due to its volcanic origin, as you can imagine observing the geological layers of the deep gorges. In the area between Campagnano di Roma and Formello, there is instead the so-called “Sorbo Valley”, that since the X Century gave hospitality to a Castle to protect the neighbouring village. On this ruins arose, at the beginning of the XV Century, the Madonna del Sorbo Monastery, that is on a spur. Sacrofano, Campagnano Romano, Formello tows all preserve, in the historical centre, traces of the Medieval living. In Formello, near the Romanesque church of St. Lorenzo, there is Palazzo Chigi, old municipal building now headquarter of the Agro Veientano Museum. Instead Sacrofano is the only place in the Province of Rome where there are traces of an old Jewish Ghetto. Among the villages included into the Veio area, Mazzano Romano deserves special attention. It is on a rock and dominates the gorge where flows the Treja river. Here narrow streets lead to the centre, as a ring. Palaces with tower with mullioned windows and stone fragments scattered in the village. They still have the coat of arms of the historical families of the village.

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