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Appia Antica Regional Park


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Appia

Considered since ancient times the “regina viarum” (queen of the streets), Appia was opened in 312 B.C. to join Rome with Terracina, Benevento and ports of Apulia. Along the stretch of road passed military parades and triumphs. For many Centuries have been built along the road villas and funerary monuments of wealthy citizens.

The Park, established by Regional Law in 1988, comes up to the centre of the City and preserves inside extraordinary landscape beauties and very important historical-archaeological heritage. Between the monumental complex, special attention deserves Quintili Villa, built in the place where – according to tradition – the duel between Orazi and Curiazi took place. After this battle Rome could dominate on Alba Longa and consequently on Latium. Moreover, please visit Cecilia Metella Tomb, Massenzio Circus, St. Sebastian and St. Callisto Catacombs. Among the naturalistic treasures, we mention the ancient Farnese Wood, near Ardeatina Road. The thick maquis and shrubs undergrowth like hawthorn, fusaria (Euonymus europaeus), cornus mas, blood orange and sloe characterize the Massenzio Circus monuments. Moreover, Villa dei Quintili is plenty of orchids blossom. Instead, in the pond area there is the buttercup (Ranunculus peltatus). Finally, in Tor Marancia area, along Tor Carbone plunge, there are big black poplar trees.

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