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Insugherata Reserve


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Cassia

The Reserve, extended on 697 hectares between Trionfale and Cassia Roads, is one of the wildest protected areas of Rome. In fact there are Roman archaeological ruins (Nero tomb, Etruscan tombs and so on) and ancient farmhouses, such as the Insugherata one. The plant and faunal landscape is very articulated. In hot slopes we can find: Quercus suber (evergreen species of Oak); Quercus pubescens (another kind of Oak); holm oak on the rocky outcrops. Instead in cold slopes there is a completely different vegetation, characterized by important mixed forests made of Carpinus betulus (common hornbeam), Fraxinus ornus (manna ash), Quercus robur (known as the Pedunculate Oak) and maple. Lower areas are plenty of chestnut and hazel trees; instead water courses are rich of willow trees, poplars and ferns. Proper green corridor for wildlife, Insugherata is home to mammals as hedgehog, porcupine, mole, pheasant and hoopoe; finally, there are birds of prey and Spectacled Salamander, exclusive species into the Italian Peninsula

The Reserve is run by Roma Natura local Authority
Villa Mazzanti, via Gomenizza, 81 – 00195 Roma
Phone 06/35405310
Fax 06/35491519

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