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Tor Caldara Regional Natural Reserve


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The Natural Reserve belongs to Latium Parks and Natural Reserves systems since 1988 and it is located along the coastal road Ostia-Anzio and takes its name from the Coasting Tower, precisely known as Caldare Tower, built in the Middle Ages for defensive purposes on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa. Tor Caldara Reserve is a proof of the Neptune Forest, that only few decades ago extended on thousands of hectares, joining with Terracina Forest. It formed a forest complex of which there are patches spread in the territory. The more representative of them is is inside Circeo National Park. The environment is particularly various, characterized by a thick maquis that leads down to the coastal dunes; lagoons, swamps and small hot springs. In the forest there are extraordinary species of cork oaks, instead in watery zones grow the only species of papyrus seen in Europe. Besides the Botanic Garden and the Maquis Nursery, other characteristic of the Reserve is the ferns garden, rebuilt in memory of Roman settlements of the past. It hosts tree species known and mentioned in Latin sources. Moreover, in Caldare Tower it has been established a small historical-archaeological Museum referred to finds discovered in the Reserve. Among them we can mention remains of a Roman villa covered with sand, probably of Gaius Maecenas. With regards the wildlife, besides many birds species that pass or inhabit this area (including woodcock, owl, heron, duck and egret), it is possible to observe also tortoises, Maremma wild boar, donkeys and rabbits. The Reserve is run by WWF and inside you can follow a free path or accompanied by a guide.

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