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Roman Coastline State Natural Reserve


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The State Reserve is the biggest of Italy, created in 1996 to hold a 15.900 hectares territory. Between the Metropolis of Rome and its sea, Fiumicino International Airport and Tiber, this Reserve is a real bet. In fact, it preserves wild nature patches and, above all, it ensures the protection and connects a mosaic of natural environments. This way the Reserve wards off the strong building expansion of the Capital City.

The Reserve holds a priceless natural heritage of the Roman Coastline, from Capocotta beach to Marina di Palidoro, including Capocotta dunes, Castel Fusano and Coccia di Morto Pinewoods, the Tiber, Fregene Pinewood and Macchiagrande Oasis. Each of them has got a relevant natural plant population. Due to the proximity to Rome, the Reserve does not hold just nature: Ancient Ostia excavations, Claudio and Traiano Imperial ports, “St. Michele Renaissance Tower” and remains of the so-called Plinio Villa are some of the historical-archaeological beauties preserved inside the Reserve.

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