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Horse riding

From the Park of Veio to the Park of the Treja Valley


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Cassia

Sacrofano lies within the Park of Veio, an area which has always been connected to horses. The Amulio horse-riding centre continues this tradition which sees horses and riders cross this area in continuous pursuit of new and undiscovered corners.
This centre offers a day-long itinerary which leads first to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo, and then reaches the Monte Gelato waterfalls, inside the Suburban Park of the Treja Valley. This route is part of an old network of paths which the constant use of horses enables to keep alive. This area was characterised by the intense volcano activity of the Sabatino and Sacrofano volcanoes, active here about 500,000 years ago. Along the tufaceous cliffs there are woods of cherry and chestnut trees, which often grow alongside a thick Mediterranean maquis. The fauna which lives here is varied and rare: foxes, beech martens, martens, polecats and weasels, as well as moles and shrews. Larger animals include badgers, porcupines and wild boars, while in the bird realm kites, buzzards, owls and owlets, as well as nightingales, blackbirds, jays and cuckoos can be seen
One of the main areas of interest along this itinerary is the Sorbo, which offers two opposing points of view – one sacred and the other profane. Legend has it that in the 15th century a pig stockman found a sow in adoration of the image of the Madonna who requested a church to be built here. For the people to believe in the stockman’s words, she allowed the man’s arm to grow back, which he had lost some time before. A more earthly and prosaic version, which however is still alive, is more recent. The Sorbo valleys have traditionally been a destination for Easter Monday trips but, to avoid fights, to this day it is kept for the inhabitants of Campagnano Romano, while Tuesday is set aside for the people from Formello.
The route then skirts around Mazzano Romano as it continues along the valley of the Treja river, which is sufficiently wide here to allow this. From its banks the old castle can be seen, which is isolated from the rest of the medieval town and well protected by the river’s gorge. At the end of the trip stand the Monte Gelato waterfalls – a series of smaller falls and cataracts which create a unique environment. These can also be visited on foot, by following the well-marked paths set out by the Park management.

This itinerary is organised by the Centro Ippico “Amulio Equitazione”
Località Valle Bianchella – 00060 Sacrofano
Phone 06/9082158 – 339/6474215 – 393/5298460

This horse-riding centre is affiliated to FITETREC-ANTE, the Federation of Equine Tourism.
The centre has a sand working area where horse-riding lessons are given. Horses are held both in stalls and in paddocks.
Guests can choose from ten horses, which are trained both for riding on plains and in the open countryside. The centre also offers hospitality for ten people, as well as a dining service which can cater for up to thirty people.
A shuttle service is available to and from the main railway stations and airports, upon request. A medieval farmhouse with an external water source offers hospitality to those who wish to relive emotions from the past (no lights, gas or toilets).

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