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Horse riding

Three itineraries in the Park of the Castelli Romani


Fa parte dell'itinerario storico di: La Via Appia

First itinerary: on the Via di Diana – Nemi Lake
This itinerary crosses under a tunnel dug beneath Via dei Laghi in order to reach the opposite side, which is a particularly panoramic spot offering a splendid view of the volcanic morphology where Nemi Lake is. Riders will then go down the hillside, crossing the wood until they reach the Emissario and the Tempio di Diana (temple), a site of mysticism and religious worship for old Romans (330 metres above sea level). Those who wish to can also visit the Museum of Roman ships.

Second itinerary: Via Sacra – Monti delle Faete
This itinerary is particularly picturesque and of historic value, and is splendid both in Spring and in Autumn. Riders will enter the heart of the Park and follow part of the “Via Sacra” until they reach the Maschio delle Faete (956 metres above sea level), which offers a wonderful panoramic view.

Third itinerary: the Vivaro woods
This itinerary is the most representative of the Park for the variety of ecosystems which it crosses. It is particularly interesting from an environmental point of view, as it helps in the discovery of the natural heritage in this protected area.

Centro Equestre Natalizzi
Via delle Noci –  00049 Velletri
Phone 06/9631476

This horse-riding centre is affiliated to FITETREC-ANTE, the Federation of Equine Tourism.

This centre, within the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani, in the “Pratoni del Vivaro” valley, has obstacle courses and a round and rectangular training area. Wide boxes and covered paddocks, along with a comfortable club house, complete this structure.
This area is rich in very different environments: fertile hills covered by vines and olive groves, mountainous areas covered by thick chestnut woods, pastures, the Albano and Nemi Lakes, not to mention the many historic towns and interesting archaeological areas. The centre’s activities concentrate on stabling horses and equine tourism and are carried out in the park of the Pratoni del Vivaro where nature has been generous. The centre offers different types of itineraries, which can be adapted to the differing needs of guests.

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