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Spadona pear


Pera Spadona (Pyrus communis L.) is an Italian summer pear variety that ripens until late autumn. Its production is widespread in the territory Castel Madama, near Rome, to such an extent that in the past it was a source of income for many families. Since 1958, the municipality of Castel Madama has established a festival dedicated to this fruit that taking place on the third Sunday of July, when it is possible to taste this fruit and discover the cultivation techniques that the local population has been handed down for centuries. The main characteristic of this pear variety is its elongated and irregular shape with an enlargement on the lower part. The skin has a light green colour even when it is ripe, and has red spots only on the side exposed to the sun. The pulp, yellowish-white in colour, is tender, juicy and sugary, with a slightly acidic aftertaste. It is consumed fresh or used as an ingredient in traditional local dishes.


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