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Bavarian cake with ewe’s ricotta and roasted chestnuts


50 grams of cleaned roast chestnuts
80 grams sugar
150 grams sheep ricotta
100 grams cream
one 4 grams jelly sheet
half litre red wine
4 roast chestnuts

Cook 25 grams of sugar with 20 grams of water in a small saucepan. When the mixture will become brown, add chestnuts, toasted at least for 3 minutes. Put them on a tray and leave them to cool. Sift carefully the ricotta, then add 5 grams of sugar and work the cheese with a palette knife. Leave in the fridge. Warm up 10 grams of cream in a pan with the jelly sheet previously soaked in water and squeezed. Once the mixture gets plain, add it to the ricotta. Whip the cream slowly; when it will reach the maximum volume level, pour the cream into the ricotta and create an homogeneous mixture with a skimmer (this is the most delicate moment for a Bavarese, you will have to touch it gently at one’s leisure).
Pour the skim into aluminium containers and leave in the fridge at least for two hours. In the meantime cook in a small pot wine with the remaining sugar until it will reach the consistency of a syrup. Let it cool at room temperature. When the Bavarese will become solid you can serve it. Remove it from the mould using a bowl of hot water, dip half of the container in water for about 5 seconds and then flip it on the plate. Put a roast chestnut on the Bavarese and sprinkle with a spoon of wine.