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Roman recipes

LIquorice stick lamb casserole


500 g pieces of goat from Lazio
1 glass of Frascati white wine
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
chilli pepper
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil
4 roman artichokes

Sauté the goat in a high rimmed saucepan with garlic, onion and oil; when it is well browned add a glass of white wine and once the wine evaporates add some hot water with some liquorice powder; simmer until the meat comes away from the bone. Wash and cut the four Roman artichokes into thin slices and sauté them in a pan for five minutes with a little extra virgin olive oil, a whole garlic clove, salt and fresh field balm. Place the meat on the serving dish with the crunchy artichokes and add colour with a fresh chilli pepper. Dust the outer part of the dish with liquorice powder.

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