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Roman recipes

Zagarolo rolls with cockscombs and Catalogna chicory (puntarelle)


8 slices of Maremma veal
100 g jowl bacon
100 g lard
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon of “pitarmina” (coriander)
chilli pepper
2 garlic cloves
1 capsicum
100 g cockscomb
chicory sprouts

Chop up the garlic, the jowl bacon, the sage, the lard, the chilli pepper, the pepper, salt, parsely and coriander. Pound the veal slices, put some of the chopped mixture on them and roll them up securing them with a toothpick and grill. Grill the capsicum with its peel (it will give a colourful finish to the dish). Season the cockscomb and the chicory sprouts with chopped garlic, anchovy, vinegar and oil. Serve the meat rolls on lemon leaves together with a strip of peeled capsicum and a tuft of cockscomb and chicory sprouts.

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