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Roman recipes

Spelt maltagliati pasta with Marzolina cheese, cabbage, hazelnuts and pork scraps


For pasta:
300 grams spelt flour
For the sauce:
200 grams marzolina cheese
300 grams cabbages
Garlic, oil, chilli pepper
A glass of white Frascati wine
100 grams lard
50 grams gentle crashed hazelnuts

Dough spelt flour with water, make a pat and put it to rest with a wet cloth. Melt marzolina cheese in cubes in a pan with a bit of milk, until you get a cream, strain and keep bain-marie.

Wash and cut cabbages into thin strips, wither them in the pan at high heat with garlic, oil and chilli pepper; when they get brown and change colour, pour a glass of white wine. Roll out the pastry and make the “maltagliati”, that we will dry on a net with a bit of flour. Fry lard in cubes into a pan, until it gets crispy. Cook “maltagliati” in slightly salty water. Put cabbages and marzolina in the pan. Use this sauce (leaving it a bit liquid) for the “maltagliati”. Decorate with few crashed hazelnuts and “sfrizzoli”. In the end garnish with fresh thyme.