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Pork liver sausages with must vinegar and sweet and sour morello cherries


4 liver sausages
Half glass extra virgin olive oil
For the must vinegar sauce:
2 vinegar must tablespoon
1 chopped mustard seeds teaspoon
Salt and pepper
For the sweet and sour cherries:
2 cherries jam tablespoons
A chilli pepper pinch
1 red Cannara onion
2 red vinegar table spoons
Salt and black pepper

Brown sliced sausages in a pan with a bit of oil, or grill them and keep warm.

For the instant mustard: put in the pan (flavoured by the gravy) the must vinegar and heat up with chopped mustard seeds; vinegar and hot can make sure that mustard will give off its taste. Salt and pepper and reach the favourite density.

For the sweet and sour sauce: boil the cherries jam for few minutes, half Cannara onion and the red vinegar, season with salt black and chilli pepper.

The dish will be presented this way: cooked sausages cubes, instant mustard and a teaspoon of sweet and sour cherries. Must match is a pleasant field salad dressed with oil and red vinegar.

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