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Honey produced in Lazio can be monofloral or polyfloral if it derives from foraging on the surrounding flora. Lazio polyfloral honeys are very sought after and appreciated.
They derive from the association of the nectars that bees collect from the floral biodiversity of a given area during the flowering season. The composition of polyfloral honey depends on the different types of nectar present in the area, in a given season of the year, in a specific territory. The entire territory of Lazio is particularly suited to the production of honey with the province of Rome standing at the first place with a third of the regional production. Among the most important monofloral honeys there are: acacia, chestnut, eucalyptus, lime, alfalfa, clover, sunflower and citrus fruits; there are also small productions of ailanthus, heather, canola and dandelion honey.

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