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Holidays Farm

Al Giovenzano


This Farm is on the La Via Tiburtina

In a 19th Century completely renovate and mod cons farmstead, the owners offer a traditional catering service: baby lamb sauce fettucine, hand made ravioli, porcini mashrooms sauce and roast lamb. Guest rooms, located among the green of the wood and the blue of the Giovenzano Valley (an oasis where the homonym river flows), are available. The farm holiday activity, started at the beginning of the 20th Century, has a long family tradition. Today an intensive ovine, bovine, horse, pork, rabbit breeding and forage growing are the most important activities of the farm. The vegetable garden has even 900 olive trees.

4 double rooms (8 guests)
extra bed on request
All guest rooms are furnished overtly but with style.

about 140 guests
easy and genuine cuisine prepared with local and farm products
banquets available
customized menus
Restaurant is the flagship of the farm holyday which offers typical, easy and genuine courses with moderate price. There’s not à la carte menu, but fixed price menus with seasonal products.


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