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First salt cheese


The name of this cheese is strictly related to its age: in fact, it is sold straight after salting. The history of this cheese is closely related to that of Pecorino cheese; it represents its fresher and less salted version. The production of “Primo Sale” has developed in the last 50 years thanks to the cold chain and to satisfy consumers who do not appreciate mature cheeses.

“Primo Sale” is a fresh cheese produced generally from ewe’s milk, but often from goat’s milk as well. Raw or pasteurised milk is heated to 35-36 oC (95-97 oF) and coagulated with calf or lamb rennet. After 20 minutes, the curd is broken in hazelnut-sized grains pieces and placed in moulds. It is then cooked to drain off the whey and brine or dry salted.

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