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This cheese is named after the reed basket where the curd is laid to drain. Traditionally, the production of this cheese coincided with the feast of the Ascension, when ewe’s and goat’s milking began. The Giuncata production takes place only in Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo, Apulia, Calabria and, recently, also in the Latium region. The production technique is so simple that, in the past, this cheese was homemade.

The ewe’s milk is heated at 37 oC (99 oF) and coagulated with lamb rennet. Coagulation takes place in about 30 minutes. After firming for 15-25 minutes, the curd is cut in big pieces and allowed to settle under whey for 10 minutes. The curd is then placed on baskets for draining. Due to its freshness, the Giuncata must be preferably consumed on the day of production or, at the latest, on the following day.

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