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Pecorino cheese aged in natural caves


This kind of Pecorino cheese is characterised by a long ageing in natural caves or cellars. The ageing process in natural places is a very old technique and surely related to the need of preserving products for a long period of time. Tufa and travertine caves in the Roman Countryside offer ideal temperature and humidity conditions for cheese ageing.

The production method of this cheese is very similar to that of traditional Pecorino cheese. Ewe’s milk, coming from the first or second milking, is heated at 35 oC (95 oF) and coagulated in 20-30 minutes with the addition of lamb or goat rennet. The curd is cut to chickpeas-sized grains pieces, placed in moulds and hand pressed. After cooking, the curd is transferred into special plastic moulds, allowed to drain, passed again under hot whey and then salted dry or in brine. After salting, the cheese is aged in natural caves for 8-10 months or even longer.

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