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Degustazioni e golosità

Degustando con i vignaioli – Agricoltura Capodarco

Durante tutto l’anno, in azienda è possibile effettuare delle visite degustative con le aziende dell’associazione “Vignaioli in Grottaferrata”.
La visita di degustazione permetterà di esplorare il territorio dei castelli Romani attraverso un percorso che coinvolgerà tutti i sensi. Modalità della visita e costi saranno concordati in fase di prenotazione. – 06/9413492

This Farm is on the La Via Latina

In the wide Castelli Romani’s Valley, between chestnuts, nuts and olive trees, with a beautiful sight of Rome, works the cooperative. 2 inside halls (once a stable and a henhouse) are available for guests who can taste local and traditional recipes with all organics farm products. Since 2013 the Cooperative inaugurated in Rome the Social Factory Estate “della Mistica”, where 30 hectares are grown with organic production. They manage a food products selling, a social lab, a garden open to the town, and an open vegetable garden for schoolchildren.
Capodarco was born in 1978 thanks to Don Franco Monterubbianesi who, together with some people with physical handicaps, made a family-group in Grottaferrata, on an area donated by the Franciscan Missionary Mary’s Sisters. The group, headed by Milly and her husband, undertook, with volunteers and conscientious objectors help, the farmyard and other activities. The farm mission remains the same in the years: to make enterprise farm activities, especially with disabled people help.

Not available

2 inside restaurant halls, ancient stable and henhouse
220 guests inside, 130 guests outdoor
simple and genuine cuisine with local and farm products
availability of banquets and meetings

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